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We are..


  • An independent, private,  non-doctrinal and non-profit R&D forum of professionals  
  • An open, fact-based research, analysis & debate center  
  • New policies development supporter   
  • Growth experts, data scientists, FinTech & ICT aficionados

Our mission is..


  • To be a leading national laboratory for digitalization, growth and development with a dual focus on analysis and impact  
  • To conduct in-depth research and analyses and assisst all the other meaningful R&D providers
  • To generate influential ideas and effective solutions for the Bulgarian industries (starting with Fintech) - at local, regional and international level
  • To aid the implementation of the above with access, talent and content.



  • FinTech
  • Telecom
  • Energy & Utilities
  • RegTech Sandbox   
  • (Very) Big Data & Research
  • High-Performance Computing

R&D Areas (2019-2020)

FinTech & InsureTech

  • FinTech is an integral part of our DNA and shaping the future of this industry will always be a part of our efforts, in partnership with the entire ecosystem
  • We are extremely proud to have initiated and to co-organized the Bulgarian Annual FinTech and InsureTech Forum giving our industry its best possible voce and forum
  • 2019: GDPR, PSD2 and NextGen Banking 

Regulations 4.1

  • We are absolutely proud to be part of the first RegTech SandBox, under the Bulgarian Commission for Personal Data Protection. 
  • Other areas of interest are: CDD (Customer Due Diligence), AML и ABRAPS (Advanced Banking Regulations and Predictive Systems)

Artificial Intelligence

  • Sophia Lab is instrumental in the formation of SCAI - the Bulgarian Strategic Center for Artificial Intelligence

Cyber Security

  • With less than 1% of the national corporates using any digital security solution, other than the plethora of desktop anti-virus programs, CyberSec is in our primary focus for 2019-2020
  • Joint cyber-security cooperation, under the Bulgarian e-Government Agency is a focal effort for 2019

Joint Techs

  • National remote identification standard
  • Data & Analytics Structured & unstructured data,  RPA (Robotic Process Automation), synthetic data  
  • Practical Blockchain
  • Practical RPA

Industrial Development

  • Empower the SMEs with better access to technology & growth tools
  • Providing the economy with the right facts and messages, stepping on improved statistical data


Please, do get in touch should you like to attend a meeting, or be sent materials from past events.

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